• NEW PRINT: A traveler's tale of transformation

    Have you had a realization that changed the course of your life? Or considering something which could put upside down your existence?I certainty did. And it happened during my solo trip to the Indiana Dunes National Park.

    After several days of exhausting heat and sand, my last stop was at West Beach on a stormy Tuesday before heading back home...

  • Studio changes in 2024

    My time in Spain gave me a lot of time to think about my goals for this year in regards to my business. 2023 was a fantastic year: I sold more originals and prints than ever but I didn't have much time to paint. I want to be the best painter I can and dedicate the most time to my craft this year. For this reason, some changes are happening in 2024...
  • I will be a vendor at Mistletoe on 12/17 - LAST MARKET

    If you're still looking for gifts and want something special, I got you. Shop art and hand made local products at the LAST Mistletoe Market!
    Venue CU  - Downtown Champaign, IL
    51 E Main St, Champaign, IL 61820
    12/17 SUNDAY  11-5pm
    I will have NEW originals, NEW prints, NEW sizes! Drop by to say hello!!
  • A different gift? Come to the Mistletoe markets!

    Hi friend,
    If you´re looking for a different present, I got you. Shop art and hand made  local products at the upgraded Mistletoe Market!
    This year, it will be over 70 vendors (double from last year!!) and will run for two days!!
    Lincoln Square Mall in Downtown Urbana, IL
    12/01 Friday   4-8p
    12/02 Saturday  9-5p
  • Black Friday at Riggs Xmas Market !!

    I am kicking up the holiday season with a 3 day market at Riggs on Nov 24 (Black Friday), 25 (Small biz Saturday), 26 (Sunday)!!
    We had a blast last year, with ton of vendors, amazing Riggs' beer, an alternative selection of drinks (hot cocoa, mulled wine (like a wine hot toddy), and food!!
    I will have NEW ORIGINALS - one of a kind, no prints!!, NEW prints, NEW sizes and the all time favorites!! AND SPECIAL DEALS ALL WEEKEND!!!
    11/26 BLACK FRIDAY: 4-8pm
    11/27 SMALL BIZ SATURDAY: noon-7pm
    11/28 SUNDAY: noon-7pm
    Come to enjoy an authentic German market and go ahead with the holiday shopping with special deals!
  • Cracking the Code: Mastering the Basics of Art Pricing

    Art pricing is not a straightforward formula (sorry!) and without proper knowledge is difficult to know if you’re getting a good deal. Here a list of tips so you can make an informed decision.
  • Explore Your Artistic Horizon: A Guide to different types of artworks

    Hi friend,

    When buying art, prints and original paintings are the more common options, but not the only ones!

    I wanted to share the differences between each kind, and the pros/cons in a simple way, so you can make an educated decision when considering your next purchase.

    We will discuss pros and cons on original paintings, open and limited edition prints and proofs!

  • What A SEPTEMBER!!

    September is being such a great + busy month for my art biz!

    1 vacation looking for inspiration, 1 art fair, 2 art markets, 2 interviews...

  • Last local event: Vendor Splendor at the Lit!!


    If you prefer a more chill event than the Street Fest (this Saturday 5-11pm) or have energy for more... Come to the Literary on Sunday evening 4-6pm.

    I would have a selection of your favorites prints, new ones, and I'll do a live painting demo.

  • I'll be at Street Fest Champaign!


    I was there last year, and I can confirm EVERYONE was there…

    Let’s take over downtown (which will be closed to traffic) to party!! Live music (5 bands!!), market, food and drinks. This a great event that ONLY happens ONCE A YEAR!!

    Find me an another 20 vendors on Walnut/Main street, by Barrelhouse.

    Downtown Champaign
  • Our show closing event got featured in Smile Politely!

    It's been a pleasure to be again in Smile Politely to talk about art. The talked about what we had planned for the closing night on April 29th.
  • WOW show was featured in the News Gazette

    Beyond honored and amazed to have our art show featured. We got a photoshoot and the interview early this week. Here's the result! We talked about how the group got together, defined the there and peek of what you will be seen this weekend. Here's part of it:  

    This year, that trio — Jennifer Lask, Clara de la Fuente and Teresa Ellis — have teamed up for a multimedia exhibit called “World of Wonders” in this year’s Boneyard Arts Festival, focused on nature’s ability to heal.

    “I think the person who comes to this show leaves feeling like ‘I need to spend more time in nature,’” de la Fuente said. “At the end of the day, life is hard as it is, so it’s important to take a minute to reflect on the experience and absorb what we should and let other things go.”

    Come to meet the artists:

    Friday April 14 9pm-10,30pm and Saturday April 15th 8pm-10pm (live painting show at 8.30pm)

    at Analog Wine Library (129 N. Race st, Urbana, IL)