If you're going to be on Champaign Urbana on June 22th, mark your calendars as one of the most fun festivals are taking place: TOAST TO TAYLOR ST Pride !! 

    I'll be there as a vendor together with many more. Come to say hello and check out  ton of new items, including my travel tags and mousepads!! 

  • Mousepads are back!!

    Mousepads are back in town already!!! Including all the best sellers!!

    Add a touch of art to your workstation or gift it to a friends! 

  • NEW COLLECTION: Art Mouse Pads are LIVE NOW!

    We have a new collection LIVE: The Art Mousepad, but no product comes without a good story behind so here's the one from these lovely mousepads.

    For over 2 years, I used an old desk as my office. 2023 was a great year for the biz, so I *finally* allowed myself to upgrade… and something UNEXPECTED HAPPENED...