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We have a new collection LIVE: The Art Mousepad, but no product comes without a good story behind so here's the one from these lovely mousepads.


For over 2 years, I used an old desk as my office. 2023 was a great year for the biz, so I *finally* allowed myself to upgrade… and something UNEXPECTED HAPPENED!

The old desk did its job, but honestly, I didn’t like the space, so I dragged my feet to get any office work done all-the-time. Can you relate???

Finally, I went for it and re-designing the office space: new desk, gifted myself one of my colorful mousepads, added plants, …

The space felt nice, more inviting … so I felt less resistance to sit down. In fact, I kind of actually wanted to sit there after the upgrade. As a result, I got much more done this quarter than any year before!

So I thought… am I crazy? The space has some magical charm now? So I googled it.


Google screenshot from how nice spaces affects our productivity

So apparently, yes, nice spaces, affect our mental health and productivity!!

I’m glad I invested in the space. Only regret: not doing it before!

With this is mind, I re-imagined this new mousepad collection that I’m presenting to you today.

You can find it on the home page top menu under "Mousepads".
Butterflies Mousepad next to a laptop

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