• New Art show coming up!!

    I am invited to be a visual artist at the Central Illinois Rivers in Art and Poetry event.

    The Channing Murray Foundation Chapel at the University of Illinois will be hosting us for a night of poetry, music and visual art about the water bodies of Central Illinois.

    Poetry will be read, art on display and prints for sale! Do not miss it. It's free and open to all!

  • Got interviewed by Norden Design Studio!!

    I got interviewed by Norden German Design Studio in Urbana, IL prior the All Together Market. Glad to share with you here! Read on!
  • 3 Simple tips to start your art collection

    I know... Starting collecting art could be a bit overwhelming.You want to cover your walls with unique pieces that complete your space, that speak ...
  • Got interviewed by Shoutout Atlanta!!!!!!

    We talked about risk taking, my art journey, how to build an art business in 2022 and of course my new art project. There are many stories about me in this interview that I haven't told just yet.

    Check it out here!

    Here a little taste...

    "Of course not everything went perfect for me, far from it. The first time I got rejected to be part of an art show I took it pretty personally. With the time, I understood..."

  • I got interviewed by Smile Politely Online Magazine

    Beyond happy to be interviewed by Smile Politely about my upcoming show.

    Want a sneak peek of what's coming up for the show?

    Know about my inspiration?

    Or read some funny stories about some previous shows?

    Then read on!! Click here to read the full interview!

  • New Art show! APRIL 1st and 2nd

    Clara de la Fuente and Sheila Parinas present: "Midwest Vistas: a collection of watercolor and acrylic paintings"
    Analog Wine Library, downtown Urbana, IL.
    April 1st and 2nd
  • My "unofficial" artist bio

    In 2017, walking around in Chicago, I ran into my artist awakening. I found myself with a few free hours in front of a huge art supply store....


  • Watercolor supply list for beginners

    Either if you're enrolling on my upcoming watercolor class or want to give painting a try on your own, I prepared a list of watercolor supplies for beginners.
  • I'm teaching watercolor online!! and FREE!

    I am teaching a watercolor course online, and for FREE!!

    Classes will be live on Instagram every THURSDAY at 7pm (US Central time) and the videos of the class will be sent out my email to registered student. We start on 02/10/22.