NEW PRINT: A traveler's tale of transformation


Today I would like to share a personal story. 

Have you had a realization that changed the course of your life? Or considering something which could put upside down your existence?I certainty did. And it happened during my solo trip to the Indiana Dunes National Park.

After several days of exhausting heat and sand, my last stop was at West Beach on a stormy Tuesday before heading back home.  

Unlike days before, it was drizzling, windy, and much colder. The holiday was over and West Beach as completely empty. It was the perfect nostalgia representation of the Summer ending.

The waves were breaking loud but the sound was so immersing and calming. I sat on the sand and did my meditation, couldn’t hope for a better spot.

With a clear mind, I had a realization.

Around that time, I’d been increasingly interested in spirituality and my life purpose. I was focused on finding my purpose and hopefully turning into “my own thing”, meaning a business. Art was a hobby at the time, but I didn’t believe in myself enough to consider it as a viable option.  

That day on the beach, new thoughts emerged. Looking into my life, I had done most of what it was expected from me: engineering degree, a good job, ... During childhood nobody has much choice, but what’s my excuse now to not embrace my own desires?

If I was going to start my own business, putting time and energy, it better be in something I enjoyed, and what I enjoyed was art. Making “sense” for other people or not.

So RIGHT THERE, I made the most important promise to myself: I will start my own ART business!

As soon as I arrived home, I headed to the studio. I painted what was in front of me that morning when I made my promise in West Beach: the waves. That painting would be my daily reminder of the commitment I just acquired with myself.

In 2021, I officially started my company.

Since that studio night, 3.5 years ago, the West Beach painting is being hung as a daily reminder of my own promise, but has not left my home YET… Until now: West Beach will be exhibited for the VERY 1st time at Boneyard Art Fest in mid April.

Also prints are now available here !!



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