Studio changes in 2024

Hi friend,

My time in Spain gave me a lot of time to think about my goals for this year in regards to my business.

2023 was a fantastic year: I sold more originals than ever and over 200 prints!! I cannot be more thankful for your support. Big thank you!!

For this reason, I want to be the best painter I can and dedicate the most time to my craft this year. Almost 90% of the events fall on Saturdays, which is my dedicated studio time, so in 2023, I could not create that many new artworks.

Therefore, in 2024 things will move sales more to the online store and I will be NOT participating in that many in person events to have more studio time. 

Email will be crucial for us this year to keep in touch as you will see me less. Please do sign up for email updates !!! 

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