Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

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Dive into the dynamic beauty of 'Niagara Falls,' a vibrant portrayal capturing the essence of the iconic falls.

This piece uniquely balances flow, harmony, and saturated colors, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. The deep blue seamlessly merges with subtle hints of yellow, lime green, and purple, as the water cascades in harmonious motion.

Designed for those who seek tranquility, the representation of water bodies brings a sense of calm to any space. 

This item is perfect for bedrooms, offices or living rooms. Ideal as a gift. 


- Original painting.

- Acrylic on canvas (0.5in frame). 

- 16 x 20 in 

- Sides painted. Sells unframed. 

- Painted in 2018. Online for the 1st time. 

- Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.