Sunset in Hawaii

Sunset in Hawaii

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Transport yourself to the serene allure of 'Sunset in Hawaii.' Picture the dreamy shores of Punalu'u Black Sand Beach, where the tri-color sunset gracefully paints the sky in hues of yellow, pink, and blue.

As the sun sets behind the mountains, a lone palm tree stands in quiet contemplation, inviting you to reflect in the fading light.

Perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere, this painting captures the timeless beauty of a Hawaiian sunset—a visual escape offering peace and tranquility.

Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.


- Original painting.

- Oil on canvas (0.5in frame). 

- 9 x 12 in 

- Sides painted. Sells unframed. 

- Painted in 2021. Online for the 1st time. 

- Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.