WOW show was featured in the News Gazette

Wonders of the World Show got featured in the News Gazette!

Beyond honored and amazed to have our art show featured. We got a photoshoot and the interview early this week. Here's the result! We talked about how the group got together, defined the there and peek of what you will be seen this weekend. Here's part of it: 

This year, that trio — Jennifer Lask, Clara de la Fuente and Teresa Ellis — have teamed up for a multimedia exhibit called “World of Wonders” in this year’s Boneyard Arts Festival, focused on nature’s ability to heal.

Through close-ups of flowers, landscapes of sunsets and familiar Midwest scenes in photographs, block prints and paintings, the artists hope their work, displayed in Analog Wine Library in Urbana, will urge viewers to visit for themselves.

“I think the person who comes to this show leaves feeling like ‘I need to spend more time in nature,’” de la Fuente said. “At the end of the day, life is hard as it is, so it’s important to take a minute to reflect on the experience and absorb what we should and let other things go.”


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