Clara de la Fuente in Made fest from Pygmalion holding one of her artist sketches

September is being such a great+busy month for my art biz! I started the month with a relaxing vacation in Michigan searching for inspiration. The relaxing times didn't last long, and the 2nd weekend I started my tour with Streetfest on UIUC campus!

UIUC students showed up BIG! Including my last customer buying 6 prints!! The weather was amazing, tons of people, live music, food, and many friends dropping by! I couldn't ask for more!

The next week was West Side Art Fair! I´m specially happy I was able to participate, as last year I had to cancel due to a injury. The weather scared us for a bit, but were able to finish the day with a smile! In this market, I introduced a new product: artist sketches! They´re the notes I create when trying new things (like the one holding on the photo)

Finally, last weekend, I was at MADE Fest for two days! MADE is part of Pygmalion festival which was celebrating its 19th anniversary (!!!). I connected with other vendors from Chicago and St Louis, enjoyed the music, met with a ton of friends (shoutout to my @CUDO friends!)

Sold out so many items but I came prepared!

Also... I got featured at @urbanalove and got interviewed by Morning Illini. The weather was PER-FECT too! Oh my, what a fantastic experience!!

Feeling blessed for other these successful 3 events, the fun, the laughs and the love received from the community !!!

After a very intense month, I am taking a mini break, but you will be able to buy prints online very soon!!




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