My "unofficial" artist bio

I was born in Spain but spent most of my adulthood in America. Engineer by education, artist at heart. As a kid I was extremely interested in painting and doing things with my hands, but I eventually stopped during my teens years. 

In 2017, walking around in Chicago, I ran into my artist awakening. I found myself with a few free hours in front of a huge art supply store....

That was the sign I was waiting for. I went to a few painting parties early that year and kept thinking: "I love this so much, why not doing it at home?"

Can you guess what happened at the store?Yes, exactly, big credit card disaster but, oh well, it was worth it. Some hundred dollars and 2 gigantic bags after, or maybe 3, I got everything I needed to start my art studio (yaaay!!).

But the real question was: WHY?

After all, I hadn't painted in almost 2 decades...

Let me tell you this: I am really into mental health, new beginnings, and adventures, because sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself.

Most of us will spend our main life doing a non stop trail and error, until we find ourselves. So I have always encouraged everyone for changes and new beginnings. You never know if you don't try, that's my motto.

I feel proud to say that in 3 decades of life, I lived in 4 different places, visited over 20 countries.

I came to America alone almost a decade ago, without a clue of what to expect, and now I can call this place home. Making a home out of a new place it's not exactly easy. It's scary and lonely.

While there was much I couldn’t control, I focused on what I could, and that was my mindset and my environment. I was committed to create my own sanctuary, a place that felt like home –even in a foreign country, that lifted my mood and inspired me to keep going.

When I started decorating, I focused on adding objects that had a meaning to me, reminded me of my accomplishments (I purchased to celebrate my victories) and built the place step by step. Then I started painting and proudly hanging my art. There it was: my home in America.

I am an outdoor lover, so I enjoy bringing nature to the city in any possible way: plants, paintings of nature...

I really enjoy collecting memories and painting places I visited as well as places I see everyday, as beauty could be just around the corner if we look well. I aim to catch the vibe and emotions of those locations in my art.

While my work will be considered Expressionist landscapes, I like to describe them as "happy landscapes memories". Wanted or not, we, human, are just a collection of our memories.

Thank for reading. If you enjoy this story, or connected with you, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email.



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  • It’s nice to read your story! Keep up the good work Clara! ❤️💪👍


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