The one thing nobody ever dare to ask me…let’s get personal!

Art is about representing emotions… so what are the emotions behind my paintings? I get a lot questions about techniques but not often… about the feelings behind! 

Prairie at Sunset in Champaign Illinois

To me, life is all about cycles: day and night, seasons, personal changes, everything comes and goes… ⁣

Sunsets and sunrises in nature are common elements of my artwork as they remind me that every day is a new beginning, a new opportunity.⁣

You can have a bad day, but in a few hours, the clock will reset and it will be a new day a new chance 🌟 ⁣

In 2022, I started painting stormy skies as a reminded that there is always calm after every storm, in the sky and in life 💕 . After every storm, the clouds eventually go away and the sun always rises.  ⁣

I´m a very positive person ☺ and I always believe when something ends, is because there is something better coming up. Learn the lesson, embrace the journey and move on.⁣


As a part of my celebration of the 4th year of the Instagram account, I'm having a special mini-series of stories about my art, my inspiration and how this whole business started...

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