Got interviewed by Shoutout Atlanta!!!!!!

Excited, excited, exciiiiited!! I got interviewed by Shoutout Atlanta!

We talked about risk taking, my art journey, how to build an art business in 2022 and of course my new art projects. Also I shared some stories about me for the first time...

It was excited to work with them. Hope you enjoy it!! 

Check it out here!

Here a little taste...

"Of course not everything went perfect for me, far from it. The first time I got rejected to be part of an art show I took it pretty personally. With the time, I understood there is nothing personal about that. You just have to keep applying and improving your skills.

All humans are against risk. It’s our brain is trying to protect us but best things in life come from a big risky jump to the unknown. Also, risk taking is like a muscle, you can train it.

10 or 15 years ago I read the following and stuck to me: If you look back, most of the regrets you have in your life are for things that you didn’t do, not for that things you do, so go for it. Sounded like great advice to me."

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