Explore Your Artistic Horizon: A Guide to different types of artworks

Mat and Stilness painting


Hi friend,

When buying art, prints and original paintings are the more common options, but not the only ones!

I wanted to share the differences between each kind, and the pros/cons in a simple way, so you can make an educated decision when considering your next purchase.


1. Original Paintings

Original paintings are one-of-a-kind creations. These artworks are unique, embodying the artist's vision, emotions, and personal touch.

Why You Might Love Them: Original paintings provide a deep connection to the artist's creative process and are prized for their individuality and authenticity. Owning an original painting allows you to own a piece of the artist's soul and a truly exclusive work of art.


2. Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints are high-quality reproductions of an artist's original work, produced in a limited quantity. Each print is numbered (e.g., 1/100) and signed by the artist.

Why You Might Love Them: Limited edition prints offer affordability while maintaining the exclusivity. They make art collecting accessible to a broader audience and can appreciate in value over time due to their limited availability.


3. Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints are reproduced without a predetermined limit on the number of prints. They are typically more affordable.

Why You Might Love Them: Open edition prints are a great way to bring art into your life without breaking the bank. They are the best way to introduce yourself into the art world!


4. Proofs

Proofs are typically early test prints made during the production of limited edition prints. They are not part of the numbered edition and may have slight variations from the final print. Proofs are often signed by the artist and can be quite rare.

Why You Might Love Them: Proofs offer a unique glimpse into the artist's creative process, showcasing the evolution of a piece. They are prized by collectors for their rarity and connection to the artist's studio.

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