Exciting news!! New Art Show!

I'm excited to announce that I will be presenting my new acrylic collection during Boneyard Art show in a new group exhibition. 

This year I have the pleasure to partner up with another 3 amazing local painters: Leslie Kimble, Beth Chasco and Sydney Bruner for our Boneyard Art Exhibition: “Flourish & Hue: A Natural Dreamworld Exhibition".

“Flourish and Hue” is a journey of self-discovery through nature’s colors. This exhibition invites you to explore the realms of daydreams and introspection, where each artwork is a window into the artist’s inner world.

I am also static to share this is my first time as an exhibition curator!!



All the artists and I have been secretly meeting every week since February. We discussed about the theme, artworks, but also the experience we would like *you* to have.

Also we decided to double up in live performances this year!!

We’re proud to partner with local musician Skot Weidmann for an immersive musical show and a piano performance by one of our also visual artists, Leslie.



I still remember the 1st time I did a live painting show. It was with Sheila Parinas in 2022 and I was sooo nervous!!

This year we will offer a FREE live painting show on Saturday night but with a spin. The four artists will paint on the same canvas and create a full acrylic landscape in front of you that…

… we will give away for FREE at the end of the night!

Stay tuned for details!


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