A Creative Calling: The Beginning of My Journey as a Fine Art Painter

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Art is nothing but the stories behind, so I would like to share it with you… stay tuned because you’re on it! 

In August 2017, I was walking around in Chicago when I ran into my artist awakening. I had a couple of hours to spare when I bumped into a big art supply store which was the beginning of everything…

When I moved to America, I discovered the “Paint and Sip” classes. You know, where you can paint and drink some wine, and I LOVED IT. I kept wondering… why not doing this at home? However, I never took action, until that day.

So I timidly went inside of the Blink store, and asked for help. I found an associate and told him I wanted to start painting, had no supplies and no ideas what to buy. Within minutes, my cart was full!

30min later and a little credit card disaster, I was ready to start my art studio in my guest room! You had to see the face of my friends when I showed up with two gigantic bags, haha!

I started taking classes online, in person, and in 2019 went to the School of the Chicago Art Institute. It´s been a self-discovery journey; watercolor, acrylic, gouache, different subjects,…

 … but the best part is connect with people like you.


You’re the reason that encourages me to keep improving my craft and putting myself out there. Your support means the world to me…THANK YOU!!


Clara de la Fuente painting during a live painting show
Me during the live painting show at the presentation if Midwestern Vistas show in Urbana, IL - April 2022

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