3 Simple tips to start your art collection

I know... Starting collecting art could be a bit overwhelming.

You want to cover your walls with unique pieces that complete your space, that speak somehow about who you are, but instead you feel stuck and wondering...

  • Where do I even start looking?
  • Could I actually afford any art?
  • I don't know what I want...
  • Would that look OK on *my* wall?...

If that sounds familiar, here are some tips for you to get started and fill your walls with amazing artworks you love.


1. Browse around 

What’s the best way to learn about something? Experimenting it, right? Developing our taste in art is not different. The question is... How? Where? 

Social media!! While there is a whole list of complicated websites, let’s stick with the simple. Instagram, and Pinterest are full of paintings of all styles, prints, photography, … We all spend quite some time there, so why not jumping into the explore page and looking into #art?? 

Browse casually and save your favs. The platforms will show your similar styles. The more you see, the more you’ll understand what speaks to you.  

Then review your folder from time to time … do you have a ton of colorful landscapes? Are you more into abstract? Or maybe you prefer black and white photography? There you go, you found your style/s!


2. Start small 

Prints and small paintings are great options when you are starting a collection as they are less of a commitment in price.

If your budget is below $100, focus on prints. Keep in mind prints could be printed at different sizes, so it´s easy to get one that matches your space. 


3. Think local 

Nothing like seeing art in person. Xmas is one of the best times to check art as it’s high season for art receptions and artisan markets. Check Facebook for local events and subscribe to you favorite artists email lists (like mine) to be invited to their events! 

Markets are a great opportunity to meet the artist and discuss the inspiration an/or techniques of a piece you like. 


Collecting could be overwhelming at first, but the reward of finding a unique piece that you love, it's immense!

Overall, go with your heart and happy collecting! 

- Clara

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